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Despina is a multi-disciplined dance artist and practitioner, as well as a qualified yoga instructor based in Athens and North Wales. Since 2010, she has practised Vertical Dance with her teacher and mentor Kate Lawrence performing since 2012 in a dynamic body of aerial works with the company Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence. Performing suspended off the ground, using climbing equipment to create powerful, elegant, and resonant performances, spanning across the United Kingdom and internationally. She has trained with vertical dance artists Wanda Moretti (Il Posto), Lindsey Butcher (Gravity & Levity) and Julia Taffe (Aeriosa).

As an established freelance facilitator and practitioner, Despina aids in schools and community projects all across North Wales. She has worked with companies, such as, Dawns I Bawb, Little Light, and Conwy Expressive Arts. Throughout each of her mentoring opportunities, she has developed strong links with local communities, and delivered to all ages and abilities.

In 2018, Despina was awarded the Arts Council of Wales funding for her research and development project. This first, solo vertical dance project explores the experience of rootlessness through an interactive installation environment. This theme touches on the reality of migrant movement and dislocation, which Despina witnessed first hand during her volunteering as a dance and yoga instructor with refugee projects in Athens, Greece.

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