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Since 2010, I have incorporated yoga into my dance practice. For most, the first contact with the practice of yoga is for physical health. My main focus in this new practice was more on my flexibility and strength to compliment and maintain my dance career. 

In 2015, my father passed away, bringing me into a challenging part of my life. I then came to my yoga mat with a different intention. Yoga allowed me to reconnect with my surroundings, and live in the present moment; which in turn gave me peace of mind again during a difficult time. I began to understand the power of transformation we all have within.

Now, to be able to share and teach such a valuable practice to others inspires me and brings hope for this journey ahead. 

In my teaching of this practice, I aim to create a safe environment for students to begin and explore the connection within the mind and body to increase balance, release tension, cultivate internal energy, and to live in that present moment within themselves. 




I teach classes in a variety of styles; from dynamically power charged, all the way to complete relaxation and self content. I enjoy bringing different elements into my yoga practice, and look forward to practicing with you.

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